Life Changes · Month 1 · Words to live by

Month 1, Days 31-46

OK, so that range of days (31-46) is quite broad. Remember, though, that I very honestly admitted  to you all that this month-long journey would probably spill over into a second month… and it has. If you’re wondering why I’m counting months and days read my introduction to my own “experiment in self reduction” and the beginning of month 1.

For the love of donuts, would this ‘month’ end already? How has it taken me 6+ weeks to sift through my possessions?  For starters, my sifting standards are set pretty high. I have been very careful to stay focused on the purpose for purging many of my possessions, but it hasn’t been easy. This is hard work folks, I ain’t gonna lie. For a person who is a minimalist {aka: my hubby}, getting rid of things you never accumulated in the first place is a cake walk. For someone who places value in things, loves getting new things, and becomes attached to her things {aka: your’s truly} it is pretty much torture every day. My dear mama actually came to my rescue and took quite a few of the boxes I had filled to her home to store in my dad’s garage until I am ready for a yard sale. It was absolutely necessary in order to keep things moving in the right direction over here in the ‘hoarder house’. I was beginning to run out of space to stash things that were being purged. and mostly I was beginning to dig back through piles and keep things. bad Ashley, bad! So off they went until garage sale day… for my own protection.

Something else that has slowed me down:  for a few days in past few weeks I was afflicted with the most heinous of stomach viruses. Seriously, nothing like puking into your daughter’s potty chair while sitting on the toilet because it was the nearest ‘container’. Was that an overshare? I’m never sure… I’ve been told I don’t have a good sense of boundaries. Meh… it’s life. I like to blog about life. throwing up is life.

Once I had recovered from the plague I deep cleaned the house to rid us of any germs. While in the kitchen I started to re-arrange some items in cabinets, one thing led to another and before you know it I had every dish, pantry item, and gadget on the kitchen floor. Nothing was spared from my rampage. I have to be honest though, most of the things I threw out were expired food items. Over the past year Chris and I have been steadily changing our eating habits, cutting out processed/packaged foods and opting for fresh, unprocessed goods. It has been a slow change and I guess I didn’t realize how different our eating habits had become compared to a year ago. So many of the things in our cabinet expired because we stopped eating that kind of junk… the cans and boxes just sat there.

Some of totals for the 15 days I crammed into 1 post:  dry erase board, 2 organizing trays, 28 stamps/stamp pads, 1 vase, fabric {too much to count so I’ll just round down and give myself credit for 10}, Sharpies 43 {sadly, many were dried out… they died a slow, neglected Sharpie death. sure did make it easier for me to pare down though}, 2 tux shirt/pants/bow tie combos {from Chris’ suave high school days}, 6 workout items ranging from ankle weights to dumbbells, 3 pillows, 3 quilts/comforters, 2 snuggly blankets, 15+ clothing items that were in my mending basket {which, let’s face it, I was never going to get around to mending}, 2 more pillows, 2 suitcases, roller blades, 1 hanging organizer, 2 pairs of scissors, 3 frames, 1 basket, 1 spatula {my favorite green one that had a little gash in the side… very unsanitary, so it had to go}, 8 mini tupperware containers {these are the micro size, donate to my mom because they are perfect for her home made healing balms and lotions}. Some other things I got rid of but think I forgot to list in previous weeks: 2 breast pumps along with all their parts and pieces, 2 bottles of perfume, 1 ceiling light fixture, 3 toddler toys, 2 DVDs, and 3 coffee travel mugs, 1 measuring cup = 97 {I’m counting the Sharpies as 1 item… I feel like it would be cheating to add them individually to my total}

Are you purging too? Here are a few statistics to light a fire under your bum:

So Americans have an obsession with possessions. We gather so many things that we actually can’t fit them all into our 4 bedroom homes and have to pay for extra square feet of rental space 2 miles down the road at the local storage unit. In 2013, the self storage industry in the United States generated more than $24 billion in annual revenues. That’s billion with a ‘b‘. {source}.

Astonishingly, it is estimated that $30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger {source}.


There are a lot of pressing issues in the world, but the idea that American’s could almost nearly eradicate the horrors of people dying from literally having nothing to eat by simply taking their hoarding down a notch is nauseating.

If we wouldn’t buy so much stuff.

If we wouldn’t keep so much stuff.

If I wouldn’t place so much value on stuff.

If I wouldn’t …. others could.

Others could eat. Others could live.

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