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Charlie Grace is 18 months!

Charlotte is now 18 months old {going on 18 years old it seems some days}. If you don’t want to read the details, skip to the pics at the bottom of the post!

Here she is in a  nutshell:

  • Ms. Independent: she wants to ‘do it herself’. She asks to walk everywhere now and once you put her down she looks up to you and asks for your “hand” so she can walk next to you {my heart melts}. She does not like to be carried up or down the stairs, but prefers to climb and use the railings like a big person, turning occasionally to say “C’mon” as she pats her leg {guess she’s seen me boss Baxter around too often}.
  • She knows many people’s names {about 10 friends and family members and uses them randomly and in the most bossy fashion – “Mama, sit”, “No no Baxter, mine”}. She loves to shout to get your attention. Last week I lived this scene from Family Guy:
  • She has started saying her own name and pointing to herself, “Char Char”. It’s quite adorable.
  • I don’t want to make this whole post about her language development, but that’s really the area we’ve seen the biggest growth since her 12 month update. Her language is really taking off and each day I am reminded how our ability to learn language is truly a miracle. So much goes in to ‘communication’. I knew this because it was something I learned in graduate school but actually seeing the process as your child learns… it’s remarkable. I don’t want this to come off all braggy, though it may anyway: Charlotte is really smart! Many of you who are veteran parents and who have experienced children growing are saying ‘duh’. But seriously… I had no idea the capacity of a child to learn. They are sponges. She understands almost everything we say: “put that in the trash”, “wait please”, “give it to ____”, “put it on”, “can you find your _____?”. I have entered lazy parenting zone; I no longer have to get up off the couch for more books, that’s her job and I can qualify it as receptive language work {“Find the Elmo book”}. Also, I had no idea that a 1 year old could effectively communicate her needs using single words, 2 word combinations, gestures, inflection, and facial expressions. I mean, I studied that in graduate school and was told that was what was ‘normal’ for a 1 year old; but actually seeing it and living it is magical. She uses about 50 words on her own:

c’mon,  outside, silly, walk, open, close, up, down, hi/hello, bye, phone, peepee, potty, bath, book, cup, water, milk, snack, dip, pretzel, bread, apple, yogurt, egg, eat, baby, bottle, binky, in, out, mine, help, no-no, ball, ‘see’ meaning look, neigh-neigh, baba, cat, doggy, cow, chicken, Llama, fish,  kick, catch, roll, throw, bubbles, jump, all-done, uh-oh/oh-no/ aww man, wow, go, okay

and even some phrases: there you are, where’s _____  ?{usually where’s daddy}, here you go/let’s go, etc.

  • She loves to sing songs. Ippy Bippy is her favorite {Itsy Bitsy Spider} but also mommy’s version of Row Row Row your boat {there are lion’s and crocodile’s involved}.
  • She just performed her first independent forward roll:
  • Is showing some interest in potty training but no success as of yet. She prefers to come to me and point to her diaper, say ‘peepee’, go sit on the potty, sing a song/read a book, say ‘all done’, stand up, then pee on the floor. Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be?!
  • She loves her baby dolls, puzzles, and books, but fine motor tasks are still the best at keeping her attention. Putting things in, taking things out, zipping up, unlocking, buttoning, pulling, threading…. I’m loving Pinterest right now for the endless supply of activity ideas it gives me.
  • Homegirl eats all day. all. day. Of course, bread and bananas are her 2 faves. Frozen peas coming in at a close 3rd.

That’s pretty much it, here are some pics!

18 months 1

18 months 3

18 months 4



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