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Drooling over clothes.

So I’m going through a little mid-month crisis. As you know my month of purging has continued on into 2 months of purging. It has been a long journey so far and I’m still not finished. I can’t wait for this yard sale to be over with; everything is in boxes and piles in our garage… still within reach. Purging things but not actually having them leave your home is dangerous. I want to invite them all back inside. They seem sad and lonely in the garage. unloved {well, I still love them….}. I need the weather to cooperate so I can rid myself of these temptations! Also, I think I may know what God wants me to do with the money from the sales… I’m not ready to share it just yet but something is in the works, so stay tuned!

I have been on a spending freeze since month 1 started. Though I’m not tackling spending excess until next month I have made it a personal rule not to purge possessions and immediately buy new ones to fill my home. I’m no expert, but I think that would defeat the purpose. Instead of buying new clothes, I’ll just drool over these pretties. Won’t you join me?

This is SO my style. and I WANT it. I almost typed NEED, but then the Holy Spirit gave me attitude like “seriously, all this self reduction ranting and you’re still thinking about more clothes?!” The ‘more monster’ is still rearing it’s ugly head in my life folks. I’ll just have to leave these clothes on the rack for somebody else to buy {or nobody, if I see that you bought this we will be in a fight} ; It wouldn’t look as good with toddler schmear on it anyway…



I literally have something very similar to everything in this photo already in my closet. This is me when I’m not at work. I have all the pieces. And yet, I still want more...


And this one. GAH, get in my closet now you red boots!


Thanks for drooling over clothes with me. time to get back to reality and my quest for unselfishness. If someone wants to gift me these red Hunter boots, though, I’d be totally fine with that.  mmmkaybye.

2 thoughts on “Drooling over clothes.

  1. Thanks for a great post – I’ve been trying to purge like my whole life so I’ll be trying very hard to follow your lead! Funny enough every time I purge I tend to replace so no wonder I’m forever purging, time to reign things in. And I could do with those delightful Hunter boots in my wardrobe too!


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