Today I learned… {San Francisco edition}

1. Dallas and Ft. Worth basically make up one mega-city; they will probably just petition to become their own state soon. Did anyone else know about this? I mean, I only discovered it by flying into the airport there for a quick layover. At night, the true magnitude of its size could be observed in all it’s twinkling glory. They are just too big, I tell ya! This photo is taken from our cruising altitude of approximately 10 billion feet {just my professional estimation}.


2. San Francisco is nuts about their trash. We arrived here last night at 11:30 {2:30 East coast time…. AKA my body time}. At 12:30 am here {3:30 am East coast}, a garbage truck came to empty the dumpster right outside our hotel. Clang, clang, clang, smash, bang. I eventually fell asleep again. Then another truck picked up another dumpster at 4:30 am. Clang, clang, clang, smash, bang.  It was intense. I am working on letting go of the mean feelings in my heart for that trash truck. However,  SF’s fixation on trash pickup obviously pays off – this is one of the cleanest cities {for it’s size and number of people passing through} I have ever been in.

4. My body is broken. I knew my spine and hips were, um, different after delivering our daughter {18 months ago}, but I’m definitely feeling it this morning. I have not able to sit straight up and down in a chair since she was born; I am forever leaning on one bum cheek because my tailbone is out of whack. It’s completely doable to perch on a side for car rides or at my office {not sure why there is even a chair in there anyway since it’s barely used}. Today, though, I learned that alternating weight on your heinie to prevent pain is impossible during a 5 hour flight across the country. I am so incredibly sore this morning. I guess I shouldn’t have pushed off a visit to the chiropractor for so long. That will be on the top of my to-do list when I get home.

5. Also, it’s confession time: Today I purchased a pair of shoes {go ahead, get it out of your system – “gasp, the horror!!”}. In my defense, it was purely out of necessity. Scouts honor! Chris neglected to inform me that San Francisco is a walking city. I did not bring any appropriate walking shoes – I brought adorable boots {with absolutely zero support} and my favorite little slip-ons, my Privos. They used to be the absolute epitome of comfort for walking, but my feet have gotten bigger {that’s just life after having a baby} and they no longer fit perfectly, a small detail that slipped my mind when packing…. why do I still have those shoes in my closet?! Needless to say I was practically hobbling back to the hotel at the end of our first day. They will be in the purge pile as soon as we get home, along with a pair of sneakers since that is what I ended up buying here. If one thing is added to my closet, one thing is removed, those are the rules. I’ve been working too hard to reduce my possessions to just pile them back on at a whim.

Totally worth it though, you can’t get views like this by sitting on your tush all day.




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