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Month 3: Clothing

Did you know it is now May? I am just as surprised as you are. This whole ‘time passing by’ thing is getting really old. Enough already. When I said I was going to take a month off of my project in self-reduction I truly believed the next month would be slower in arriving. April just zoomed on by, and here we are: hello May! If you are just tuning in, I have embarked on a personal journey to combat excess in imitation of Jen Hatmaker’s book  ‘7: an experimental mutiny against excess’. During the first 3 months I focused on reducing my possessions and spending. This month I will be tackling clothing. You may remember that in Month 1 I purged nearly half the contents of my closets and drawers, counting those as possessions right along with everything else in my house. I got rid of a ridiculous amount of clothing. and guess what? There’s still a lot of clothing floating around in there that I am certain I don’t actually wear.  I am not a big spender when it comes to clothing{or anything, really}; one of the earliest lessons I learned from my mom was how to spot steal at a thrift store. That being said, the sheer number of garments in my closet is ridiculous. Frankly, my wardrobe could easily outfit 4 or 5 women comfortably. Can we say excessive?! In order to combat the american mentality of see it – buy it {which is how I got into this predicament in the first place}, I will wear only 7 pieces of clothing this month. I know, I’m sort of shocked at the prospect as well. Let’s figure out the guidelines.

Before I started to carefully select my 7 precious articles of clothing, I took a peek into my drawers and closets to see what I had to work with:

223 pieces of clothing

37 pairs of shoes/sandals/boots

12 pairs of scrubs

I know. I was shocked too. I don’t have any scientific proof, but I’m pretty sure my clothes and shoes have been multiplying in my closet when I close the door. Your’s too? ok, glad I’m not the only one.   I was secretly hoping my collection would come up shorter than Jen’s. and it did…. winning! As I was re-reading Jen’s chapter on clothing, she reported that she had 327 pieces of clothing in her closet. My greed and lust over clothing is not as severe as Jen Hatmaker’s or, say, a Kardashian’s…. I’m certain there’s a crown waiting for me in heaven for that accomplishment alone.

Here are the 7 pieces I have chosen:

1) Dark wash skinny jeans {I pretty much wear these every day anyway, no shame}

2) aqua running shorts

3) Grey V-neck short sleeve shirt

4) Flowy white sleeveless shirt

5) Navy blue black scrub set {when I got up today…day 1…. to get dressed for work I realized the blue scrub set I had previously chosen to be the work attire that would carry me through this month was in the wash, so I had to settle for my second choice}

6) A formal dress – TBD – I don’t know which one in my closet I will wear yet, but we have 2 weddings to attend towards the end of the month and I don’t want to wear sneakers and running shorts on my friends’ big days {though the sneakers would give me a distinct advantage for dancing, with the added traction and all…. in light of this discovery, I actually may rethink the formal dress}.

7) Shoes count as one item together but I will only alternate between 2 pairs: brown flip-flops and black sneakers.

Here are a few more details:

  • Undergarments don’t count. just…. no.
  • No jewelry {not even earrings, I will wear my wedding band… because it’s my experiment. I do what I want}
  • No accessories {no scarves, no belts…. no pizzaz}
  • No coat, no rain boots

Day 1: 

2014-05-01 07.26.46


Black scrubs, black tennis shoes. I did wear a headband, but not for pizzaz. It is a necessity  to keep my frizz in check while at work. I do it for the kids.2014-05-01 07.26.13



I am really fortunate in that I only work 2 days a week, so wearing 1 pair of scrubs is totally do-able. I doubt anyone will even notice. My patients certainly won’t – I get excited when they simply notice the presence of a person in the room; I’m pretty sure they don’t care what I wear, they just want me to get out of their face!

Will you join me this month? If at the very least, will you count the number of clothing items and shoes in your closet? Just throwing off the blindfold and refusing naiveté of our excessive tendencies is a great first step.

I’m just sayin’.


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