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Month 3: Clothing {update 1}

I unknowingly broke a rule on day 1. I wore earrings. I was sidetracked in the morning by the all-important decision of which pair of scrubs would carry me through the entire month of May. I chose the black ones {in case you were wondering}, because my blue ones weren’t clean…. my life is so intriguing, I truly do live on the edge.

Yesterday (day 2) I wore my running shorts and gray shirt with tennis shoes while I worked in the community garden with a friend. It was soggy and sweaty. When I came home I was able to change into my skinny jeans, white shirt, and flip flops  which I also wore out to dinner for my mother-in-law’s birthday in the evening. I toughed it out through dinner, and again this morning when I was outside at 6:30am setting up for a yard sale with my neighbor. It was pretty chilly and, had my mother seen me, I’m sure she would have insisted that I put a coat on. She wasn’t there to tell me about my poor choice in clothing, but I have received several comments from other  ‘mamas’ regarding my lack of coat options amongst my 7 items.  I was seriously contemplating tossing the ‘formal dress’ out of spot #6 to make space for a sweater or jacket of some sort. I should have planned for that a little better, knowing my tendency to be in a constant state of near hypothermia. However, I feel strongly that the purpose of this project is to a) identify those areas in which we live in excess, b) attempt to pare down in those areas, and c) learn that it is possible to survive with less. If I give in at the slightest notion of discomfort then it’s apparent I haven’t learned those lessons very well. So I will work on handling a little chilly weather.

Today I helped my neighbor with a yard sale and worked a little bit in the garden {dressed in my gray t-shirt, running shorts, and now extremely muddy tennis shoes}. After that we came home and I put on my jeans and white shirt, no surprise there, and headed over to my in-laws. Charlotte spent the afternoon with her Lola and Grandpa while Chris and I went to test drive some cars. We are searching for a little more cargo and carseat space and Chris’ truck is just not giving us the flexibility be are needing.




My birthday is tomorrow. no big. I actually forgot it was my birthday until I walked into work on thursday and my coworkers had decorated my office. they are awesome like that. My sweet sister-in-law gave my my gift tonight – the most beautiful scarf and gold-mint bracelet.


Of course, they are accessories. Which I have sworn off wearing for the month. dagger! They are so beautiful it is killing me to not wear them. I did put the bracelet on for approximately 30 seconds, you know, to make sure it fit and matches my skin tone. It did, and it does. Only 27 more days until I can show them off {humbly, of course, and in as non-excessive way as possible}.

Are you joining me this month?  I’d love to hear the 7 pieces of clothing you have chosen!



2 thoughts on “Month 3: Clothing {update 1}

  1. So at my lame attempt to search inwardly and mimic your 7 items with my idea of 7 outfits I immediately feel like a failure and overwhelmed. Both feelings are gross and unproductive… So to help me maybe get down to 7 outfits (not promising 7 items) I’m spending the month documenting the number of different clothing items I wear. Followed by me counting the number of items in my closet!!!!


    1. Laura I love that idea! And I definitely commend you for tailoring this project to your own situation 🙂 Keep me posted, I am so excited to see how it goes for you. Even after these first 4 days I have become cognizant of how much laundry I actually do… it’s ridiculous.


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