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Month 3: Clothing {update 4}

So it’s day 25 of my month-long attempt to wear only 7 pieces of clothing. If you’re thinking that sounds crazy, you’re absolutely right, and you can read about all the sordid details here.

At this point I’m feeling a bit ripe. Now don’t read too much into that… I swear I have been washing these clothes like usual. There’s just something about wearing the same things over and over, regardless of how clean they are. I chose my 7 articles on May 1st after days of careful consideration. I chose those 7 because they were practical, gave me the most flexibility with weather changes, and mostly they were just some of my favorite pieces. Well, not any more. I am really starting to loathe those horrid green running shorts. And black scrubs at work every day? BORING! also they pick up lint. oh the lint!

In general I have ‘kept to the code’, but just as in the pirate world, I’d say these rules are more like guidelines.




I wish I could say I was enduring this exercise in self-reduction flawlessly….but let’s be real here – I have definitely cheated on more than one occasion and, ready for even more brutal honesty? I don’t feel bad about it! Not even one bit. In general, I’ve been  able to follow the guidelines fairly easily, but I’ve made a few additions to the 7 pieces.

If you recall, my articles of clothing for month 3 were:

1) Dark wash skinny jeans

2) aqua running shorts green running shorts {still haven’t found those original shorts…. how can they just disappear?}

3) Grey V-neck short sleeve shirt

4) Flowy white sleeveless shirt

5) black scrubs

6) A formal dress {+ shoes and jewelry to go with it for 2 weddings this month} – aka cheat day, wink wink.

7) 2 pairs of shoes that count as 1 item: brown flip-flops and black sneakers.

Somewhere along the way I added a pair of brown shorts and a black tank top to those pieces, bringing my total to 8 items.

This is pretty much what I have worn every single day this month (aside from my scrubs on work days):

month3 clothing

I did end up going to the beach twice this month and decided that wearing my bathing suit didn’t count as another item; it is, after all, practically an undergarment. so doesn’t count.

Only a few more days until this month is over. hallelujahpraisetheLord.  I miss my jewelry. I miss my shoes. I miss just being able to choose what I want to wear based on how I’m feeling. I am very much an emotional garment chooser. This month I have gained a new appreciation for the beautiful items hanging in my closet and am excited to be able to express my personality through them once again. oy, I am praying that I continue to realize I can survive with less…. clothing may be the death of me.

Updates on the rest of our recent family activities will be coming soon, if I can stop watching episodes of Bones long enough to get my to-do list accomplished.







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