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Month 3: Clothing {update 5}

May is over. If I had to use one word to sum up this month of my self-reduction project it would be EFFORTFUL. If you are just joining me and have no idea what I’m referring to you can read about my ‘project 7’ here.  If you need a refresher on this particular month {as if you could have forgotten with me rambling on and on about my lack of clothing options} you can read about that here.

So far, the other months in my 7 experiment have been difficult in an emotional ‘I prefer to keep things the way they are’ kind of way. Reducing the number of possessions I had or the amount of money I spent during those months required self-control and really just letting go of the widespread ‘have everything’ mentality I was clinging to. Wearing only 7 pieces of clothing, though, has definitely been more time consuming and actually more work than I anticipated. I really thought this month would provide me with a few extra moments in my day, since I didn’t have the option to stand around and hem and haw about what I was in the mood to wear each morning. Those few extra moments were taken up by trying to get my 7 pieces of clothing washed and dried before the next day; sometimes that meant tossing them in the wash at 10pm and setting my alarm for midnight so I could run down and toss them in the dryer – snap, that’s commitment y’all!

Also, now that the month is over I have a strong urge to burn my 7 pieces. I’ve resisted so far, because those pieces are some of my favorites and I think if I make a rash decision I will regret it in a few weeks when I look into my closet and ‘have nothing to wear’.


I learned a few things about myself and about my clothing this month:

1. I really love wearing pretty things. I guess now I appreciate the value of having something pretty to wear – it boosts confidence and self-esteem. I felt less comfortable, less confident, less secure throughout the month simply because I felt ‘blah’ in my clothing. I don’t think that is necessarily a reflection of my priorities being misplaced on my appearances, though. Let’s face it, I’m a mom. More often than not I sport a schmear of snot that has been lovingly wiped on my shoulder. Sometimes it stays there, not because I don’t have time to change, but because I choose to use those times for something else. I’d say in the grand scheme of things I am usually not focused on my appearances, but even so I felt as if my personality was completely stifled during this month.  Having pretty things doesn’t have to be expensive, though – I am definitely not advocating spending money and filling your closet with more things {we’ve been over that in months 1 and 2, stay strong people}! But I do want to take this chance to promote a wonderful place to buy beautiful things for yourself or others that also has a beautiful mission: Noonday Collection.  hugs all around for beautiful things.

2. Even though I severely reduced my clothing stash during month 1 of my self-reduction project my closet and dresser were still in a ridiculously full state. It’s like my clothing experiences mitosis through the night and when I wake up there are pieces in my closet I’ve never seen before. Did I buy that? This one still has tags! Surely this is occurring through some scientific voodoo and not simply because I am a clothing addict, always looking for a fix. TJMaxx anyone? After seeing how I was able to survive life with only a few garments, I revisited my clothing and made some tough decisions. I am happy to announce that I have reduced my clothing by almost 1/2 {again} and will probably be able to reduce things a little more once I get my precious, sweet, energizer bunny of a daughter to end her angry teething toddler rampages.

3. My priorities are changing. My heart is changing. and yet, I still think to myself every day:



anyone else suffer from that?

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