Month 5: Media

Daylight savings, month 5 fail, and our love for popcorn.

Last night was daylight savings time so we gained an hour on our clocks. I don’t dare say we ‘gained an hour of sleep’ because anyone with children or even a dog on a consistent sleep schedule knows that fall daylight savings means you will be woken up earlier than you ever imagined possible. Charlie got up at 5 this morning and on a weekend that is simply unacceptable. Our bodies are not trained to function like that anymore. We’ve become wimps. So we put Frozen on and Chris and I took cat-naps on the couch while Charlie carried on conversations with herself and asked for a billion snacks. I’m not proud of it because we pretty much failed Day 1 of ‘no media’ month. go us!

Now on to a completely different topic. Charlie is still completely besties (in her own mind) with our previous little visitor ‘Popcorn‘. When we talk about who will be coming over or whose house we are going to, Charlie is adamant Popcorn will be there. When we ask her who she wants to pray for, Popcorn is always at the top of the list. When we sing songs before bed, Popcorn is always the first honoree:

“We love you Popcorn, Oh yes we do.

We love you Popcorn, all through and through.

You are God’s gift to us, it’s true.

Yes, Popcorn we love you” 

Also included in the song is usually Popcorn’s mother, whom we know nothing about but I love that Charlie thinks of her.

Song credit goes to my parents, by the way; they came up with a personalized song for each of us (my brother, sister, and me) growing up. That little ditty above was my brother’s and I love it because we can substitute any name into it; my song will remain a secret for all eternity.

Keep Popcorn and her family in your prayers.

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