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An update on Charlie Grace

Before Charlotte was born I purchased an adorable baby book. She is now 2 years, 3 months and there are exactly 2 lines of the entire book filled out. That really hurts my heart. I loved looking at my baby book growing up. It’s so special to me that my mom would take the time to write those things down and I want Charlotte to have the same. I’m thankful that I have at least recorded her biggest moments here on the blog, but I’d still love to get those words and pictures into her book. Maybe one day. I so wish I could record every single one of our moments together, because she’s pretty special and my memory is just not reliable.

On a slightly related note, Charlie can’t seem to remember Jack-Jack’s name. She refers to him as ‘that one’ (“mommy, that one smiling at me”) or ‘neighbor’ (“mommy, neighbor miss his mommy maybe”). In other language development news, her new favorite words to throw into conversation are ‘also’, ‘but’, and ‘maybe’:

 “we doing that also, but…… he not got a cheese stick, so…. neighbor go night-night upstairs maybe.”

There are always a lot of pauses for effect and to allow for more words to be added to the run-on sentence. She is quite opinionated. and dramatic.

Since I’ve already turned this into an update on Charlotte, here are some of the photographic gems you didn’t get to see while I was on my month-long Facebook hiatus. Prepare yourself for Charlotte overload.

Emotions were high on the way home from school. I only brought 2 crackers for the ride home.

bad day

Bed head.

bad hair day


Reading bibles with a buddy.

bible reading


Meeting her newest obsession in cardboard-cutout form.



Getting her wiggles out.

mall play1

mall play2


Helping grocery shop. Peanut butter always gets a place of honor next to her.

shopping buddy 2014


Ready for her preschool Thanksgiving party!

thanskgiving dress 2014


She’s been such a trooper with all of the crazy things we’ve had going on this month and I can see so much growth in her since beginning her preschool class. A little lady.

One thought on “An update on Charlie Grace

  1. Ashley, she is soooo precious. And speaking of mom guilt and baby albums. David has so much information in his. Caroline’s is so-so and Becca’s is ALL on the blog. LOL. It’s sad but it’s a sign of the times, I’m afraid. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your holidays!! xo


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