2 years old · Charlotte · everyday life

Thoughts on waking up from a naps

I’m just sitting here watching Charlotte’s post-nap behavior. It includes, but is not limited to:

Angry crying and thrashing around in her bed. Kicking the rails a few times for emphasis.

Asking for mom to pick her up, then pushing away in disgust and contempt.

Screaming bloody murder when mom puts your feisty butt on the ground.

Wiping snotty nose on her shirt and making sure to nuzzle snot and tears into her neck once back in her arms.

Allowing cuddles on the couch for exactly 2 minutes.

Wandering around in circles looking at ……?

Requesting a snack.

Standing in a zombie trance for 5 minutes.

Melting into a tearful puddle on the floor.

Laughing maniacally while chasing the dog.

Then finally reaching emotional equilibrium again.

oy. I totally understand kiddo. I feel the same way when I wake up in the morning.



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