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You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

I just can’t do it this year. There isn’t one specific reason why; just a combination of too many ‘ugh’ feelings when I even think about doing a card. So I’ve decided to say NO to the Baker Christmas card.

You guys,  I love Christmas and I love getting Christmas cards and I understand that it takes commitment and a certain ability to plan ahead, not to mention the financial investment, to send them. So I appreciate each and every card sent to us because I know the thought that went into it. I just literally can’t even this year!  Thinking about editing and shipping and stamp costs has me all like….

So, in lieu of a mailed card that you would most likely recycle come January 1 anyway, please enjoy our digital Christmas card {of sorts} and a family update. Peep sporting a reindeer visage for privacy reasons, like a boss.


Here’s an overview of our year.

Chris: He’s been working at Boleman Law Firm for over a year now. He loves it. He plays electric guitar in the church worship band. He loves it. I feel like I should say more about him but he’s a pretty uncomplicated guy.

Ashley: I saw my last clients through my private practice in February and have been a mostly stay-at-home mama while taking occasional shifts at CHKD {the local children’s hospital} since then. My kidneys are stable at the moment {Read up on my genetic kidney disease here and here). I am also {newly} in charge of organizing the chaos that is Next Generation {little kids stuff} at one of our church’s campus’. It has been a very fulfilling year. I’m so thankful for the chance to stay at home with our kiddos while working enough to maintain my skills in the field.

Chris and I were blessed with the chance to take two vacations this year. In the summer we  rocked Disney World with our kiddos and some awesome friends.


Then in the fall Chris and I escaped to my favorite place on earth: Kauai. I can’t wait to share more from those adventures in later posts!


Charlie Grace: She is desperate to learn how to whistle, but so far no success with it this year. Her favorite color is still black. She’s in a preK 4 classroom at our zoned primary school and based on reports from her teacher she is quite the ‘queen bee’.She’s got a big ‘ole heart and a ginormous brain and I’ve seen her grow leaps and bounds in overcoming her social anxiety this year!


Peep: Our little fella has been working hard in speech therapy and physical therapy to make gains in his communication and with walking. He has taken a few steps and has a few words/signs now and we are so proud of his progress! Things are still moving towards adoption, with some road blocks continuing to stall things, but we would wait forever and a day for this little guy to officially become a Baker; we’re just happy to have him in our home. God will take care of the details.


Peep, working on his walking at The Little Gym.




One thought on “You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

  1. Surgery and family disasters killed my motivation to send out cards this year. I totally understand how you feel. Just enjoy the holiday with your beautiful family.


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