Fostering · Words to live by

Content to linger.

I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe this season I’m pushing through right now. A close friend of mine shared her goals and perspective for the year with me and she used the phrase “content to linger” which she came across in the book of Isaiah.

      We’re in no hurry, God.
      We’re content to linger in the path sign-posted with your decisions.
      Isaiah 26:8 (The Message)

Other versions use the phrase ‘we wait for You’.

I’m struggling to linger and wait for what God has next for us. I’m hungry for the next stage. The next step. The next task.

Something I hear all the time from others is “You are awesome for being foster parents”. I never know what to say to that, because…. well,  it doesn’t feel like I’m being awesome. To me, it feels like “not enough”. There is so much more to be done, and for the time being we can’t do much more. We’ve had to say ‘no’ when we get the call for a placement, while my heart is screaming ‘yes’.

I know this season won’t last forever and I am trusting that God has a complete knowledge of each child and each need and will time things perfectly for when we are once again able to say ‘yes’ to a placement.

Until then, we will provide respite and take emergency/short term placements.

We will continue to educate and share our experiences and encourage others to seek ways to walk on their own fostering adventure.

We will focus on Peep and his needs. We are his family, his advocates, his champions, and he needs us now more than ever as he grows and faces some developmental challenges.


I’m not minimizing what we are doing. We are doing good things for the children who come into our home. And it is hard work. But once you take the blinders off and make yourself aware of the needs of those around you, you can’t un-see them and you won’t ever be able to say “I’ve done enough”. No matter how many littles have passed through our home, no matter that we are a permanent stop for Peep, it’s not enough. There are still kiddos out there who need safety. security. a clean bed. warm clothes. kind words. a gentle touch. an advocate for them.

Are you like me? Are you struggling to wait in this season you’re in? Pray for the ability to linger. To move only when God nudges. There is a reason you are where you are in this moment.







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