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Kauai on my mind.

I had so many good intentions for this post. I had planned on sharing all our Kauai traveling tips with you and all the details about our days on the island, but I just don’t have time and honestly I’ve forgotten most of the details. You’ll just have to settle for a barrage of pictures. And you’ll like it.

Traveling to Hawaii is exhausting {particularly when you do it cheaply like we do by hopping red-eyes and enduring layovers}. But so worth it. My new favorite traveling accessory is this sweater. It’s basically a blanket with sleeves. So comfy and perfect for a power nap. Also, Chris learned a long time ago that the way to make friends in an airport is to bring a power strip. We never travel without it and we’re always everybody’s best pals.


We’ve stayed in Poipu {on the southern-most tip of the island} during our two visits. From there, it’s less than two hours drive in either direction to the furthermost point you can travel  {many parts in the north are inaccessible by car as they are state park and preserves}. Kauai is the oldest island in the state. It’s had the longest time to erode resulting in forest covered mountain ranges, lush rain forests, and white sandy beaches. It definitely lives up to its nickname as “The Garden Isle”.  No freeways, no skyscrapers. Just 2 lane roads {and sometimes single lane roads where you practice the art of taking turns with other cars}, chickens, roadside food stands, farmer’s markets, more beaches than you can count along with every water sport you can imagine, and endless mountain ranges to hike.

Things to do in Kauai: Eat and Hike and Swim. That’s about it. If you’re looking for a hoppin’ night life or a Target or a downtown with sky scrapers, don’t visit Kauai. You’d be better off on another island. That being said, I would choose Kauai every time {Though I might be tempted to visit Molokai or Lanai, two small islands off the coast of Maui that are very rural}.


We are foodies when we travel and pretty much just while away the hours  {or minutes} until one of us says “I could eat. Let’s try that place”. I could definitely eat my weight in pineapple and the sushi in Kauai is FRESH.


For this visit, we hiked almost every day. We can’t wait to go back and try out a few more hikes we weren’t able to get to this time around. All I can say is I’m so thankful for all the squats my instructors at the YMCA make me do in class. Climbing uphill never felt so good! I certainly felt like a beast after finishing this first hike up Sleeping Giant {until we passed a woman running up the trail on our way down…… she was hardcore}

Sleeping Giant




{of course, we had to go beyond. they said please}

Waimea Canyon


On our first visit in 2010 we actually biked down a road in this Canyon. That adventure is not for the faint of heart.

Awa AwaPuhi Trail {Out to the Napali Coast}


I did a pull up on the trail, and nearly pulled a muscle.

Everything was sore afterwards. Worth it.


In 2010 we got to see the Napali coast and do some snorkeling from a zodiac boat trip. It was breathtaking then and I’m so glad we were able to see this part of God’s creation from another view this time around.


Hule’ia River Kayak Trip


We kayaked then hiked to a pool of water where we braved a rope swing {It was supposedly the location of a Pirates of the Caribbean scene, but that remains to be fact checked}.

Chris’ little yelp makes me LOL every time I watch that.

The water was frigid and I was terrified to touch the leafy bottom, but I did it!

Kuilau Ridge Trail





Kalihiwai Beach


Hanalei Bay


Keoniloa Bay20161106_100234


There are so many more trails and beaches to visit and I hope we’ll get to visit again some day so we can check those off our list!

Other reasons to check out Kauai:

Awesome hair. The humidity is reportedly similar to Hampton Roads but almost constant tradewinds carry the humidity away, leaving you with fabulous hair that you didn’t even have to work for (don’t look into this research, just believe it).



Tunnel of Trees.20161107_085417

Warm weather, year round. So perfect for someone who is always cold like me!img_2002

Also, there’s chickens and roosters everywhere. So if you’re ornithophobic, you might want to pic a different vacation spot.


The weather is always changing. “If you don’t like the weather in Kauai, just wait 10 minutes”.


Lastly, but most importantly to me:

Limited tech access. Sure, there’s internet at the resort and cell service in most towns, but for the most part we tucked our phones away and stayed away from the internet {except to post the obligatory Facebook photo to say ‘we are here’}. Some of our best, most heart and soul-baring conversations have been on a quiet trail on a random mountain range when it’s just the two of us and God.

We are so thankful for the traveling we have been able to do as a couple. We know we’re blessed and sometimes we second guess whether or not we should travel. But we’ve decided to take every opportunity we have to snag these experiences and memories while we can and we’ll continue to save and plan and be smart with our finances so we can take the time to enjoy this earth because we don’t know what the future will hold for us.



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