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Store Bought Valentines & Parents Who Buy Them.

I know Valentine’s Day was last week and there’s probably Fourth of July decorations already out in the stores. America moves on quickly folks. But I’ve just gotta get these thoughts out there.

If you know me, then you know I love all things crafty. Glitter is my spirit animal and Pinterest is my happy place. Sitting down with some glue and ribbon or some paint and canvas is relaxing. I enjoy making things, and that expression pops up in birthday parties and Christmas gifts and our home decor where I usually start with “I’ll just keep it simple” and end up with “How did paint end up on the ceiling and glitter on my eyelashes?”.

But because life keeps happening and our kids still live here and seem to make all the messes and need all the attention, I can’t always set aside time or mental energy to sit and create something. Even something as simple as printing a valentine card and tying cute glasses to it.

(Isn’t this so cute?)

glasses valentine.jpg

Click here to find the tutorial and printable.

To all you mamas {and dads} who DO put the time and energy into putting together something fun and creative and personalized:


I love you because I love seeing your creative brainchild. You made my daughter say ‘awwww’ and you made me say ‘that is so clever’. Thank you for the time and energy you expended to do the extra bit. To go above the requirement. I commend you. You keep the holiday alive.


However, this post is really about what I want to say to all you mamas {and dads} out there who purchased boxed valentines from a store.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They come in a box and no matter what pen your child uses on them the ink smears and it’s almost impossible to fold them perfectly evenly:


Here’s what I want to say to you parents who buy those:


I’m not even kidding.

I love that some parents create Pinterest perfect valentines that are fun or punny or useful {hello glow sticks!}. But I really love those parents who buy boxed valentines for their kids. Seriously, I WANT TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. You parents who walk into Target on February 13th and toss whatever’s left in the Valentine’s aisle into your cart then walk around for 30 more minutes grabbing a workout DVD you’ll never open and 3 spatulas in Spring colors to add to your already excessive collection.

You know why I love you? Because I am you. I was apparently harboring some worry about what other parents would think when both of my children rolled up to school with these bad boys. Straight outta the box.


It wasn’t that I was ashamed. I mean, look at this chubby kitten. He’s the definition of cute and Will thought it was hilarious.

I think I was having a hard time allowing myself to just check the task off my to-do list without adding any flair or extra work, as is my habit of doing. I embraced the bare minimum. I clung to it. I literally just did what was necessary, nothing more. and that is FINE.

So when my kids came home with several adorable handmade valentines and a TON of boxed valentines I was rejoicing! YES parents. THANK YOU parents. SOLIDARITY and all that. You allowed me to breathe. You allowed me to forgive myself.

Charlie got one valentine that was literally just folded in half. No to/from writing. No sticker. No nothing. and I loved it. I cheered for that mom. You know why? Because she obviously gave her son the box of valentines, a pen, and some independence and told him to ‘get it done’. and he did not. #lifelessons

Cheers. To all parents everywhere who are relieved Valentine’s day is over. Now off to see how little I can do for Saint Patrick’s day.

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