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May is gonna be SWEET!

May is kinda the best month ever. Voting’s over. It’s been decided.

There are so many awesome things to celebrate and climb up on a soap-box for in the month of May, and throughout the month I’ll be sharing education, encouragement, and my experiences with all of these things!

It’s like May is MY month (well, mine and Justin Timberlakes).


I couldn’t help myself. I love this meme so much. Also I chose one of the memes that uses a photo of him with curly hair rather than one of his newer photos because A.) If I can’t out-run photo proof of my horrible hair in 1997, neither can he,   and B.) solidarity amongst curly hair people, and all that.

Pretty much all of my passions and life experiences have collided into 31 days of ‘awareness’. Not great for being able to spread out my blogging topics, but regardless, I know you’re super excited for me to pour out all my feelings into words. You’re welcome and brace yourselves:

  1. Foster Care awareness month.

wordswag_1525171656123.pngThis one is near and dear to our hearts, obvi. Will joined our family through foster care over 3 years ago and we’ve had the joy of supporting and loving and nurturing many other children over the years so I am excited to share our foster care journey with you throughout the month.

2. Apraxia Awareness month.


For several different reasons I haven’t shared too much about Will’s various diagnoses here on the blog. I’m ready to share now, though, because knowledge is power and I’m a firm supporter of the “You don’t know what you don’t know” mentality. I think spreading awareness is so important, so we’ll all learn about Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Dyspraxia and allthethings together! When you know better, you do better. It’s gonna be SO fun!

3. Better Speech and Hearing Month.


Some of you may not know, but I am a speech language pathologist. I work here in Southeastern Virginia at our local children’s hospital providing outpatient therapy. How awesome is it that the educational path God guided me towards years ago has created opportunities and experiences that allow me to not only work with my own son and his disabilities, but with every foster child who enters out home?!

4. National Kidney Foundation Kidney walk.

20180316_203219 (1)

These are held all over the US in various months each year but the one here in Hampton Roads is always in May! We get to celebrate my successful kidney transplant and the gift of life I received from my generous donor, as well as celebrate my mom and her awesome donor (7 years kidney strong!). God provided and he continues to provide for our family.

5. My Birthday! No photo for this. I just didn’t feel like digging up an semi-attractive photo of myself just to take up space. Also this one is pretty self explanatory: my birthday is this month. I want to say ‘I’ll pass’ but it doesn’t seem like it works that way.

I can’t wait to share more about all of my favorite things with you guys! No promises on daily posts or even bi-weekly…. you know how I do. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Also, I like to set the bar low so I can soar over it. It’s sound logic, trust me.


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