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How To Be a Good Parent {one easy step}

I was reminded today of the secret to being a good parent. It’s necessary to remind ourselves of this sometimes, lest we become bogged down by all the negative self-talk we indulge in daily. As a parent, we’re constantly filtering through all these outside {and often conflicting} opinions about how we parent. What food we need to…… Continue reading How To Be a Good Parent {one easy step}

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Don’t keep the manuals!

We’ve entered into February and, as is typical for any project I take on, I’m taking longer to finish this task than I had anticipated. Though I guess you should never really stop paring down your stuff, I had hoped to power through this by giving myself a deadline because I didn’t want to lose…… Continue reading Don’t keep the manuals!

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You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

I just can’t do it this year. There isn’t one specific reason why; just a combination of too many ‘ugh’ feelings when I even think about doing a card. So I’ve decided to say NO to the Baker Christmas card. You guys,  I love Christmas and I love getting Christmas cards and I understand that it takes commitment and…… Continue reading You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

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My favorites {video edition}

It’s been a rainy weekend because of Hurricane Matthew and we’ve been trapped inside because of flooding. The kids are going a little bit stir-crazy and I’ve been putting off doing anything productive in favor of doing anything fun and relaxing. So far I’ve read a thousand blog posts, pinned 50 recipes I’ll never make, changed a…… Continue reading My favorites {video edition}