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Don’t keep the manuals!

We’ve entered into February and, as is typical for any project I take on, I’m taking longer to finish this task than I had anticipated. Though I guess you should never really stop paring down your stuff, I had hoped to power through this by giving myself a deadline because I didn’t want to lose…… Continue reading Don’t keep the manuals!

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I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

God moves in us. He loves to restore us and heal our hearts. His love and mercy are new and freely given each morning  (and noon and night). Only He can release us wholly from the things that keep us from being free and truly living with a new, tender, loving heart. The addiction, the…… Continue reading I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

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This is for me. But I hope you’ll join in too.

This January I’m revisiting an adventure I first embarked on 3 years ago; essentially following in Jen Hatmaker’s footsteps, which she outlines in her book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. She explains it best: I started praying about what God wanted; what would move me closer to His agenda and further from mine? How could this be meaningful,…… Continue reading This is for me. But I hope you’ll join in too.

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There is no ‘winning’.

I’ve been struggling with something over the past month and I’m a bit nervous to share my feelings, but I read something this morning that put words to my exact feelings. So here it goes. Last month, Peep’s parents signed an entrustment; basically signing over their rights to him. It was honestly the most brave, selfless act.…… Continue reading There is no ‘winning’.

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A Q&A on Foster Care {pretty much more than you even wanted to know}

We’ve been on our journey as foster parents for almost two years now. Just as all foster parents, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs. We’re still super new at this. I feel like I know maybe 1% of anything. Maybe next year I will know 2%. Most of the time we have no idea what’s going on…… Continue reading A Q&A on Foster Care {pretty much more than you even wanted to know}

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Please, no autographs.

Chris’ video of his and Charlotte’s nightly after-bath routine has gone viral. I’m not completely surprised – Chris and I watched it about 5 times before we even posted it; we could not stop laughing. I guess I always just assumed we think she’s hilarious because she is ours and we made her; I don’t really…… Continue reading Please, no autographs.