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Too busy for words lately.

Well, not necessarily too busy for all words, but too busy to put words on the internet, that's for sure. I know I'm not the only one, either. Spring never fails to bring with it a crazy, busy, never-ending schedule. This spring has brought along a lot of changes. I'm not so big on things… Continue reading Too busy for words lately.

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A Big Announcement!

No, I'm not pregnant; I know that's what you were thinking! You'll have to look to someone else for that kind of news and excitement at the moment… and now that I'm thinking of pregnancy I feel quite nauseous. Blech. Β Ok, back to my news. Remember how I've been doing my own experiment in "self… Continue reading A Big Announcement!

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Getting ready for our day

On the schedule today: * Write in Charlotte's baby book!! I really need to do this. I had every intention of writing in it every week from birth to catalog her milestones. That didn't happen, obviously, as she is now almost 6 months old and her book remains in the package. My sister even gave… Continue reading Getting ready for our day