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The Darkness

A friend of mine shared this with me today and it resonates so clearly with me, and I’d imagine with some of you as well, especially if you are or have been involved in foster care. Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk about the negative parts of our journey with others because I’ll get…… Continue reading The Darkness

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Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

Every morning Charlie asks me: “Is his name Baker yet?” And every morning I tell her: “Not yet, they are still working on all of his important paperwork.” But today, when she asks, we’ll get to tell her “YES. His name is Baker now!” We’re happy to finally share his precious face with you all.…… Continue reading Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

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(foster)Mom Fail.

Y’all, I’ve gotta tell you something. I made a big parenting error last week. If you have a child like my Charlie Grace, I want you to learn from my mistake. I’ll preface this experience with a little bit of back-story. Our Charlie Grace is an anxious soul. Maybe she gets it from the ‘fretful’ genes…… Continue reading (foster)Mom Fail.

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Peep’s Day.

Today is an important day. It’s the anniversary of the day I first learned of a special little baby. I heard his name. I heard his age. And that was about all the information we were given. Caseworker: “We have a 2 week old” Me: “Ok, let me call Chris” Me: “Babe, we got a…… Continue reading Peep’s Day.

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Content to linger.

I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe this season I’m pushing through right now. A close friend of mine shared her goals and perspective for the year with me and she used the phrase “content to linger” which she came across in the book of Isaiah.       We’re in no hurry,…… Continue reading Content to linger.

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Purge-Fest 2017

Are you spending part of this snow day purging stuff like I am? At least 7 things each day. {read HERE for more info on why I’m doing this and how you can join me}. I’ve already surpassed the 7 things milestone today, like 600 items ago, since one area seems to snowball into another {see…… Continue reading Purge-Fest 2017

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There is no ‘winning’.

I’ve been struggling with something over the past month and I’m a bit nervous to share my feelings, but I read something this morning that put words to my exact feelings. So here it goes. Last month, Peep’s parents signed an entrustment; basically signing over their rights to him. It was honestly the most brave, selfless act.…… Continue reading There is no ‘winning’.