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Don’t keep the manuals!

We’ve entered into February and, as is typical for any project I take on, I’m taking longer to finish this task than I had anticipated. Though I guess you should never really stop paring down your stuff, I had hoped to power through this by giving myself a deadline because I didn’t want to lose…… Continue reading Don’t keep the manuals!

Words to live by

My home team, at it again.

It’s 10pm. My bedtime. But I know I won’t be able to sleep without getting this out into the world first. I’ve always loved this excerpt from a favorite book of mine, Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. The book itself is like a great big bear hug, squishing you and comforting you, and ensuring you know you’re…… Continue reading My home team, at it again.

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The F Word.

Lol, made you click. Since you’re already here, let’s chat about the F word that always makes me cringe a little inside: Fast. The ‘fast’ I’m referring to is the biblical concept of voluntarily doing without {typically food} for the sake of honing your focus on God and his spiritual provision. It’s such a churchy…… Continue reading The F Word.

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A Q&A on Foster Care {pretty much more than you even wanted to know}

We’ve been on our journey as foster parents for almost two years now. Just as all foster parents, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs. We’re still super new at this. I feel like I know maybe 1% of anything. Maybe next year I will know 2%. Most of the time we have no idea what’s going on…… Continue reading A Q&A on Foster Care {pretty much more than you even wanted to know}