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I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

God moves in us. He loves to restore us and heal our hearts. His love and mercy are new and freely given each morning  (and noon and night). Only He can release us wholly from the things that keep us from being free and truly living with a new, tender, loving heart. The addiction, the…… Continue reading I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

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The F Word.

Lol, made you click. Since you’re already here, let’s chat about the F word that always makes me cringe a little inside: Fast. The ‘fast’ I’m referring to is the biblical concept of voluntarily doing without {typically food} for the sake of honing your focus on God and his spiritual provision. It’s such a churchy…… Continue reading The F Word.

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Month 3: clothing {update 2}

To sum up this month so far: slightly interesting, a smidge difficult, and mostly very annoyingly inconvenient. I’ve been getting tons of great questions, so just to clarify my goals and guidelines for this project: I chose 7 pieces of clothing from my wardrobe. Those 7 pieces are the only 7 I can choose from…… Continue reading Month 3: clothing {update 2}

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Too busy for words lately.

Well, not necessarily too busy for all words, but too busy to put words on the internet, that’s for sure. I know I’m not the only one, either. Spring never fails to bring with it a crazy, busy, never-ending schedule. This spring has brought along a lot of changes. I’m not so big on things…… Continue reading Too busy for words lately.