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Cancer Is Pretty Much The Worst.

On Mother's Day weekend we found out my mom has cancer. Just forcing my fingers to type that sentence was a feat. I wish I could erase that sentence and make it go away, but that's not how cancer works. I've never experienced anything like this; it causes a specific kind of pain in your… Continue reading Cancer Is Pretty Much The Worst.

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Foster Care Truths: There is no ‘winning’

Some of you may have read this post before; I'm re-posting it after making a few edits. It's too important not to share again, especially since I know it may help change the perspective of so many people regarding foster care and because I have even more of an excuse to talk about 'all things… Continue reading Foster Care Truths: There is no ‘winning’

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Getting my life back together.

Y'all. This week has been so good. On Sunday my best mate Jessica drove down from PA to essentially help me get my life back together. Thanks to the crazy adventures in December and early January this year {Christmas kidney transplant, New Years surgery recovery, and Snowpocalypse resulting in school being cancelled for one thousand… Continue reading Getting my life back together.

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Be Lovely.

I know of many people who adopt a 'word' of the year. It's a little more simplified than having specific goals, but it's a great way to keep your focus and determine your actions as your year progresses. I've yet to have a 'word of the year'. I'm still old school and usually set goals… Continue reading Be Lovely.