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Getting my life back together.

Y’all. This week has been so good. On Sunday my best mate Jessica drove down from PA to essentially help me get my life back together. Thanks to the crazy adventures in December and early January this year {Christmas kidney transplant, New Years surgery recovery, and Snowpocalypse resulting in school being cancelled for one thousand…… Continue reading Getting my life back together.

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Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

Every morning Charlie asks me: “Is his name Baker yet?” And every morning I tell her: “Not yet, they are still working on all of his important paperwork.” But today, when she asks, we’ll get to tell her “YES. His name is Baker now!” We’re happy to finally share his precious face with you all.…… Continue reading Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

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Tidal Wave.

I want to declare this an honesty zone. A space where I can be real. Like really real. Can I do that with you? Can I share something really personal? I’m afraid. I’m afraid because something that was ‘in the future’ is now ‘in the present’. It was a long way off and now it’s baring down…… Continue reading Tidal Wave.

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Peep’s Day.

Today is an important day. It’s the anniversary of the day I first learned of a special little baby. I heard his name. I heard his age. And that was about all the information we were given. Caseworker: “We have a 2 week old” Me: “Ok, let me call Chris” Me: “Babe, we got a…… Continue reading Peep’s Day.

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You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

I just can’t do it this year. There isn’t one specific reason why; just a combination of too many ‘ugh’ feelings when I even think about doing a card. So I’ve decided to say NO to the Baker Christmas card. You guys,  I love Christmas and I love getting Christmas cards and I understand that it takes commitment and…… Continue reading You won’t be getting a Christmas card from us (Sorry, not sorry)

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My favorites {video edition}

It’s been a rainy weekend because of Hurricane Matthew and we’ve been trapped inside because of flooding. The kids are going a little bit stir-crazy and I’ve been putting off doing anything productive in favor of doing anything fun and relaxing. So far I’ve read a thousand blog posts, pinned 50 recipes I’ll never make, changed a…… Continue reading My favorites {video edition}

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There is no ‘winning’.

I’ve been struggling with something over the past month and I’m a bit nervous to share my feelings, but I read something this morning that put words to my exact feelings. So here it goes. Last month, Peep’s parents signed an entrustment; basically signing over their rights to him. It was honestly the most brave, selfless act.…… Continue reading There is no ‘winning’.