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Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

Every morning Charlie asks me: "Is his name Baker yet?" And every morning I tell her: "Not yet, they are still working on all of his important paperwork." But today, when she asks, we'll get to tell her "YES. His name is Baker now!" We're happy to finally share his precious face with you all.… Continue reading Boy Meets World {now World, meet Boy}

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My favorites {video edition}

It's been a rainy weekend because of Hurricane Matthew and we've been trapped inside because of flooding. The kids are going a little bit stir-crazy and I've been putting off doing anything productive in favor of doing anything fun and relaxing. So far I've read a thousand blog posts, pinned 50 recipes I'll never make, changed a… Continue reading My favorites {video edition}

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Please, no autographs.

Chris' video of his and Charlotte's nightly after-bath routine has gone viral. I'm not completely surprised - Chris and I watched it about 5 times before we even posted it; we could not stop laughing. I guess I always just assumed we think she's hilarious because she is ours and we made her; I don't really… Continue reading Please, no autographs.

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Charlie Grace is 18 months!

Charlotte is now 18 months old {going on 18 years old it seems some days}. If you don't want to read the details, skip to the pics at the bottom of the post! Here she is in a  nutshell: Ms. Independent: she wants to 'do it herself'. She asks to walk everywhere now and once… Continue reading Charlie Grace is 18 months!

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This is what happens when you don't feed your child bread very often. Poor deprived child. Also to be noted: this is her second breakfast. For first breakfast she had two bowls of oatmeal with mango and apple slices. I think I'm raising a hobbit since she pretty much sticks to the rest of… Continue reading Bread.

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Patriotism is never out of season.

These photos are actually from July 4th. I was certain I had already posted them, and would have gone on assuming I had if my mother-in-law hadn't sworn up and down that she did NOT see the photos of Charlotte in these dresses, despite her best blog-stalking efforts. The reason these photos are worth posting… Continue reading Patriotism is never out of season.

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Charlie Grace is 12 months old

Charlotte is now 12 months old {I prefer to label her age in months and will continue to do so as long as I can in an effort to ignore the fact that she is, in fact, getting older}. At 12 months, Charlotte: Weighs 17 lbs {10th percentile}, is 27 inches long {42nd percentile} Is… Continue reading Charlie Grace is 12 months old