A Giveaway!

Hey Y’all. You know adoption and foster care are never far from my mind and I’m not shy about spreading awareness about God’s directive to us in James 1:27: However, God doesn’t say we have to foster. He doesn’t say we have to adopt. He DOES say we have to DO something; and these days.…… Continue reading A Giveaway!

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Charlotte meets her grandparents and a Missouri Thanksgiving

Charlotte met her grandma and grandpa Baker for the first time 2 Fridays ago! She was a good sport and waited very patiently at the airport (She looks so serious in this picture, which is unusual for her). ESCUSE ME, I Mustache you a question… It was love at first sight for everyone and we…… Continue reading Charlotte meets her grandparents and a Missouri Thanksgiving

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Our week in pictures.

First off, here’s a photo I forgot to add to last week’s photo recap: Charlotte’s 2 month appointment. She weighs 10 lbs 1 oz now and regularly sleeps 5 or 6 hours each night. She also got 3 shots during this visit and the tears and cries nearly ripped my heart out – but we…… Continue reading Our week in pictures.

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Big brother Baxter

All day yesterday Baxter moped around the house. He would flop himself down at my feet and let out a big sigh, or just sit and stare at me with sad doggy eyes. I actually texted Chris at work to ask if he had fed Baxter before leaving for work because I thought for sure…… Continue reading Big brother Baxter