A Giveaway!

Hey Y'all. You know adoption and foster care are never far from my mind and I'm not shy about spreading awareness about God's directive to us in James 1:27: However, God doesn't say we have to foster. He doesn't say we have to adopt. He DOES say we have to DO something; and these days.… Continue reading A Giveaway!


We have a walker!

Our little Peep continues to surprise us. This past week he's started trying to say "cheese" when you take his photo, he started initiating peek-a-boo, and he is officially walking. We still have a ways to go with building his strength but I just love how proud he is when he is on the move. He's… Continue reading We have a walker!



I'm a fast talker. I didn't realize this until my husband took a video of one of our conversations. I can honestly say that even I had a hard time understanding what I was saying when he played it back for me to see. Why has nobody told me?! To be fair, the video was… Continue reading #PresentationRegrets



Chris and I basically become ninjas each night right before going to bed. We take care of some last minute things (take Baxter out, make lunches, set out clothes. .. the usual), then meet at the top of the stairs in front of Charlotte's room. There, we begin 'stealth mode' and slowly open her door,… Continue reading Ninjas

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Charlotte meets her grandparents and a Missouri Thanksgiving

Charlotte met her grandma and grandpa Baker for the first time 2 Fridays ago! She was a good sport and waited very patiently at the airport (She looks so serious in this picture, which is unusual for her). ESCUSE ME, I Mustache you a question... It was love at first sight for everyone and we… Continue reading Charlotte meets her grandparents and a Missouri Thanksgiving

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Our week in pictures.

First off, here's a photo I forgot to add to last week's photo recap: Charlotte's 2 month appointment. She weighs 10 lbs 1 oz now and regularly sleeps 5 or 6 hours each night. She also got 3 shots during this visit and the tears and cries nearly ripped my heart out - but we… Continue reading Our week in pictures.

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Big brother Baxter

All day yesterday Baxter moped around the house. He would flop himself down at my feet and let out a big sigh, or just sit and stare at me with sad doggy eyes. I actually texted Chris at work to ask if he had fed Baxter before leaving for work because I thought for sure… Continue reading Big brother Baxter