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“Yes” when I can, “No” when it counts.

Three years ago I posted this pic of 2½  year old Charlie Grace on Instagram with the caption: Working on Saying YES to her this summer. Yes to shoes on the wrong feet. Yes to running through a random sprinkler on our walk. Yes to two Hello Kitty bandaids instead of one. #YESwhenIcan #NOwhenItcounts It was… Continue reading “Yes” when I can, “No” when it counts.

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Cancer Is Pretty Much The Worst.

On Mother's Day weekend we found out my mom has cancer. Just forcing my fingers to type that sentence was a feat. I wish I could erase that sentence and make it go away, but that's not how cancer works. I've never experienced anything like this; it causes a specific kind of pain in your… Continue reading Cancer Is Pretty Much The Worst.

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For Every Mom

Mamas. I see you. All of you. healthy mamas. sick mamas. single mamas. working mamas. foster mamas. grandma mamas. lonely mamas. birth mamas. teacher mamas. happily-married mamas. teen mamas. heartbroken mamas. brave mamas. aunt mamas. grieving mamas. elderly mamas. hope-to-be mamas. soon-to-be mamas. desperate-to-be mamas. aren't-able-to-hold-their-baby mamas. ashamed mamas. adoptive mamas. extra-needs-kiddo mamas. overwhelmed mamas.… Continue reading For Every Mom

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Thirty-Three Sounds Good To Me!

Last Friday was my birthday. Yes, it's taken me 7 days to write this post. don't blog-shame me. Maybe if I could get my brain and my body to get on the same page I'd be able to sit down and get something accomplished in an efficient way... but so far that hasn't been a… Continue reading Thirty-Three Sounds Good To Me!

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Foster Care Truths: There is no ‘winning’

Some of you may have read this post before; I'm re-posting it after making a few edits. It's too important not to share again, especially since I know it may help change the perspective of so many people regarding foster care and because I have even more of an excuse to talk about 'all things… Continue reading Foster Care Truths: There is no ‘winning’

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May is gonna be SWEET!

May is kinda the best month ever. Voting's over. It's been decided. There are so many awesome things to celebrate and climb up on a soap-box for in the month of May, and throughout the month I'll be sharing education, encouragement, and my experiences with all of these things! It's like May is MY month… Continue reading May is gonna be SWEET!

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Three Things I’m Loving – February Edition

I'm kind of obsessed with these three things right now and I wanted to share that love with you; maybe you'll be obsessed too. I may even turn this into a fun monthly series. 1)These gorgeous glass jars. From Target, of course. In the dollar bin section y'all. I just love the pretty pattern. I… Continue reading Three Things I’m Loving – February Edition