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Thoughts on waking up from a naps

I’m just sitting here watching Charlotte’s post-nap behavior. It includes, but is not limited to: Angry crying and thrashing around in her bed. Kicking the rails a few times for emphasis. Asking for mom to pick her up, then pushing away in disgust and contempt. Screaming bloody murder when mom puts your feisty butt on the ground.…… Continue reading Thoughts on waking up from a naps

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“She just woke up from her nap” and other excuses I make for my daughter’s social anxiety

Y’all, I’ve been dealing with some anxiety. It entered my life about 2.5 years ago. It walks around in the form of a pint sized human. Its name is Charlotte. If you know Charlie, then you know she can run pretty hot & cold. She doesn’t hide her emotions, and there are oh so many…… Continue reading “She just woke up from her nap” and other excuses I make for my daughter’s social anxiety

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Please, no autographs.

Chris’ video of his and Charlotte’s nightly after-bath routine has gone viral. I’m not completely surprised – Chris and I watched it about 5 times before we even posted it; we could not stop laughing. I guess I always just assumed we think she’s hilarious because she is ours and we made her; I don’t really…… Continue reading Please, no autographs.

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Charlie Grace turns 2!

To say that I’m a little late with this post is an understatement. I’ve been dying to put my thoughts to paper for a long while but have been so busy with my new business adventure. From my journal 2.5 months ago: “Today is Charlotte’s 2nd birthday. I’ve been pretty weepy all week with anticipation. Somehow…… Continue reading Charlie Grace turns 2!