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Don’t keep the manuals!

We’ve entered into February and, as is typical for any project I take on, I’m taking longer to finish this task than I had anticipated. Though I guess you should never really stop paring down your stuff, I had hoped to power through this by giving myself a deadline because I didn’t want to lose…… Continue reading Don’t keep the manuals!

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I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

God moves in us. He loves to restore us and heal our hearts. His love and mercy are new and freely given each morning  (and noon and night). Only He can release us wholly from the things that keep us from being free and truly living with a new, tender, loving heart. The addiction, the…… Continue reading I’m getting a new heart, no surgery required.

Words to live by

My home team, at it again.

It’s 10pm. My bedtime. But I know I won’t be able to sleep without getting this out into the world first. I’ve always loved this excerpt from a favorite book of mine, Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. The book itself is like a great big bear hug, squishing you and comforting you, and ensuring you know you’re…… Continue reading My home team, at it again.